Landscape Photography - Photographs of Snowdonia,  Maine, and England
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Artistic, vibrant, inspiring Landscape Photography from Snowdonia and Maine

The magic of Shelagh Delphyne's photography captures a moment in time, an image that will never exist in quite that way again. Truly precious and unique.

Landscape photography inspired by the magnificent, magical and mysterious scenery of Snowdonia in North Wales with its ever changing light. Ancient castles, even older neolithic sites, holy wells, rushing rivers and soaring mountains are all bordered by a wild and rugged coastline. For 25 years Shelagh explored Maine with endless opportunities for beautiful, artistic and inspiring photography of wildlife, mountains, forests, waterfalls, scenic harbors, Acadia National Park and historic schooners. Do you feel calm and at peace when out in nature? Do you feel at peace when listening to the sound of waves on a shore? Are you enchanted by a stroll through a forest with only the sound of birds and your gentle footfall on the forest floor. Shelagh's photography captures these treasured moments and invites nature into your home. Relax and enjoy the feeling of peace and tranquility inspired by these beautiful images.

Fine Art Photography of Snowdonia and Maine may be purchased directly from the online Galleries in a variety of formats including prints, framed prints and canvas wraps, large and small to fit your space. A variety of gift items are also offered. These may be ordered and shipped worldwide. Simply click on the word Buy above the image you love, select your currency, and you will be offered a selection of available print and gift options available in your country. Canvas prints of all images may be ordered for delivery in the UK and the USA. Please enjoy!

Outstanding and personal customer service is a priority so please feel free to with any questions you may have. Architects and interior designers have already made excellent use of this photography to create a certain peaceful mood in specialist facilities and all enquiries are welcomed.

Caernarfon, North Wales, UK
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All photography is strictly © Shelagh Delphyne Photography